It all began back in 2010 when ‘This is Athens’ turned into the city’s largest photo stream, deploying photo material by Visitors & Locals. 

One year later, ‘This is My Athens’ was gradually established as a benchmark for many greeter programs to come. Today, the program is widely known around the globe as one of the very few in the world where there is no fee or any reward for the Local whatsoever!

This year, we revamped ‘This is My Athens’ Greeters Program to boost the community of Athens Locals, to promote the multifaceted character of the city and spread the message across the world. 

How? By creating 6 Travel Personas with a twist that address specific target audiences of the city of Athens in a fun way - a personal story for each persona unravels, while they immerse in unique ‘Athenian Moments’ matching their profiles.

We then invited 8 celebrity bloggers from across Europe to fly in Athens with AEGEAN, the Best Regional Airline in Europe, for 6 consecutive weeks. Each represents a specific persona as defined by our creative team matching their profile. 

Next step: the ‘Experience Design Workshop’. An inspiring event took place where Key Tourism Stakeholders got down to experiencing design hands on in order to create perfect visitors moments in Athens. These moments formed the bucket list of experiences to be ‘consumed’ by all invited bloggers.

During their 3-day stay the bloggers will experience our selected ‘Athenian Moments’, in an attempt to bring the personas to life! They will also take over the city’s Social Media channels and spread the word through their social media fan base across the world.

Tick – Tock, Tick – Tock.

Let the journey begin!